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In this module you will learn interesting facts about wines and wine regions of Croatia. Darrel Joseph is an international wine journalist, judge and presenter/lecturer based in Vienna, Austria, focusing on the wines and wine regions of Central and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus countries. Darrel Joseph is also a lecturer at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems. Darrel Joseph @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/darrel-joseph-014ba28/?originalSubdomain=at #croatia #slavonia #danube #istria #kvarner #dalmatia #wine #illyrian #gravesina #malvazija #plavac #merlot #riesling #chardonnay #cabernetsauvignon

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Study International Wine Business? What better place to develop business administration expertise for the international wine business than in one of Austria’s top wine-producing areas?
In-depth education covering business administration, viticultural and oenological topics means that after six semesters you are fully equipped to assume managerial responsibilities in the wine and beverage industry, including on the international stage – thanks to a programme taught in English. https://www.fh-krems.ac.at/en/study/bachelor/full-time/international-wine-business/#overview

About IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems: #imckrems Since its foundation in 1994, the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems has been considered one of the most modern and international educational institutions in Austria. As a leading University of Applied Sciences, it is internationally sought after and recognised for the quality of its graduates and for its impact-oriented research. We are dedicated to the future issues of society and the economy and break new ground in their implementation. We develop and implement innovative and sustainable solutions as well as educational programmes that create regional, national and global benefits.

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