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I am going to show you how to make #വൈൻവീട്ടിൽഉണ്ടാക്കാം #redwineathome. This is a perfect recipe, which can follow very easily. I always follow this method for making #winemakingvideo . We can also use dry grapes if we want for the process #winemakingathomemalayalam . The wine using dry grapes is more powerful and extra strong . the video is available in my channel .
Whether red wine has any prominent health benefit is still a debatable issue. However, studies have shown that consuming a moderate amount of red wine, which has an alcohol content of 12% -15% on a daily basis helps in the prevention of a number of diseases including heart disease.
Too much consumption of wine can be detrimental to health. On the other hand, too little of it would not give you the benefits usually enjoyed by the moderate drinkers.
Red wine contains powerful antioxidants, and many sources claim that drinking it has health benefits.
Health benefits of Red wine
According to a 2018 study, although notably there are no official recommendations around these benefits, drinking red wine in moderation has positive links with:
cardiovascular disease
certain types of cancer
type 2 diabetes
neurological disorders
metabolic syndrome


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Ingredients for making Wine At Home| Red Wine Making Malayalam| Black grapes Wine
| Easy Wine Recipe| Authentic Wine recipe malayalam
Fresh black grapes- 5 kg
sugar_ 3.5 kg
Yeast – 3 small bottle ( approximately 9 gms}
Water – 1.5 lit
wheat – 1/2 kg
thathiri poo Woodfordia fruticosa – 300 gm

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Munthiri veenj
red vine
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