Old Vines Vs. Young Vines: Why the Age of a Vineyard Matters to Wine?

Today I want to talk to you and explain why you see the mention ‘Old Vines’ on certain wine labels, why do some wineries emphasize this aspect of viticulture in their marketing, why and how wines made from old vines are different. Are they supposed to be better? How and why? You don’t see cheese makers boast about their cheese being made from the milk of an “OLD COW” do you, so why ‘OLD VINES’. We’ll also see HOW OLD vines need to be to be called that.

00:00 – Intro
01:05 – The Life Cycle of a Vineyard
04:24 – Vines get Better With Age
06:50 – Why ‘Old Vines’ Matters to Wine?

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