Filet Mignon With Port Wine Reduction Sauce! Cast Iron Skillet Steak Recipe!

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Filet Mignon with port wine reduction sauce is an elegant, steakhouse quality recipe that you can easily replicate in your own home kitchen! Eric from Simply Elegant Home Cooking demonstrates how to cook this delicious steak recipe in a cast iron skillet! While this example uses a beef tenderloin steak, you can use this same pan sauce after cooking any cut of steak, including ribeye steak, NY strip steak, and others.

Be sure to set out your steak a minimum of one hour before cooking, or up to an hour and a half. This will help the steak come down to room temperature. Be sure to pat the steak dry and season generously with salt and pepper to form a nice crust on the steak. Thanks for joining us at Simply Elegant Home Cooking! Be sure to like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE as we have many other steak recipes, along with all types of delicious home cooked recipes for you to replicate at home!


-Filet Mignon (Beef Tenderloin Steak)

-Salt & Pepper


-Beef Stock (Be Sure To Use Homemade!)

-Olive Oil (Or Other Neutral Oil)

-Port Wine

-Heavy Cream

-Fresh Rosemary



-Remove Filet Mignon from the fridge at least 1 hour before you plan to cook.

-Heat up a cast iron skillet over medium high heat and allow it to reach full temperature before adding the oil.

-While pan pre-heats, generously season both sides of the tenderloin steak with salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

-Once pan is smoking, add a small amount of neutral flavored cooking oil, then immediately add your steak.

-Sear both sides of the steak for about 3 minutes each for medium rare, adjust accordingly for desired doneness.

-After searing each side of the steak, place the Filet Mignon and the skillet into a preheated 400 degree f oven. Cook for 5 minutes.

-Remove steak from the oven and set aside to rest for 10 minutes. While steak rests, make the pan sauce.

-Deglaze the skillet with port wine, reduce over medium high heat for several minutes until volume is reduces by about half.

-Add in 1 finely minced shallot.

-Add in homemade beef stock and reduce further.

-Once sauce has again reduced by half, add in a small amount of heavy cream. Continue to cook until sauce has thickened.

-Once sauce has reached desired consistency, turn off the heat and add in finely minced fresh rosemary.

-Also add in a chunk of cold butter and move it around in the skillet to emulsify.

-Filet Mignon should be well rested. Carve, serve with the sauce, and enjoy!

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