Essential Guide to Wine Grape Variety Names from around the World

Wine Types
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Today, I’m going to take you on a little “tour du monde”, a quick tour all around the world of wine with all the essential wine vocabulary that you need to start navigating and understanding the world of wine with ease, read your wine labels, and sustain a conversation with a wine connoisseur or a wine geek… If you learn all of these, you might start sounding like a wine geek yourself!

There are virtually thousands of wine words from all countries to describe the different regions, the different grapes, the winemaking processes, the aromas and flavors of wine, and more. It’s a huge universe. We’re going to focus on the essentials here to keep it fairly simple, starting with looking into a few of the most famous grape names. Come back next week for more!

02:39 Key facts & pronunciation
03:21 French grape varieties
06:56 Italian grape varieties
08:32 Other essential varieties from around the world

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