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Why do wine glasses have stems? This is a great question that most people actually don’t know the answer to. To start with, the stem of a wine glass isn’t there simply to make the glass look prettier or make it easier to break. The main reason behind this stem is temperature, whether the wine is red, white, or bubbly, temperature is very important for a wine, especially an expensive one, so it’s essential that if the wine was served at the correct temperature. It only warms slightly while it’s in the glass and you are consuming it. Our hands radiate heat, so if you’re holding the glass by the part where the drink is poured, or drinking wine out of a glass without a stem, you’re warming the wine. A stem allows you to hold the glass without warming the wine inside. And it also makes it much easier to swirl the wine inside, too.

Today, there are hundreds of different styles of wine glasses available, and each one is designed to bring out the best taste in a specific type of wine.So next time you’re enjoying a glass of your favorite wine, whether using a slender stem or the long-stemmed wine glasses, take a moment to appreciate the stemware that makes it all possible.

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