Homemade Lychee Wine Recipe [fermented natural brewing] sweet and sour taste

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荔枝酒【發酵自然釀造】原生果肉甜酸滋味 Homemade Lychee Wine Recipe

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Although the characteristics of the fruits are similar, the flavors are different. The brewing method must also be adjusted to show the most perfect flavor. Purely brewed fruit wine varies according to the conditions of the fruit itself, maturity and cultivation area. Memories are unique and make winemaking journeys colorful.

The lychee wine is made by peeling the fruit. The lychee pulp is juicy and easy to be oxidized and deteriorated. Commercially available dry yeast is used to separate and purify the bacteria beads with brewing characteristics by high technology, which greatly increases the stability and safety of fermentation and reduces the pollution of miscellaneous bacteria. Chances are, baker’s yeast, without alcohol tolerance, is not suitable for winemaking.

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Lychee wine [fermented natural brewing] native pulp sweet and sour taste Homemade Lychee Wine Recipe
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