Learn to taste wine! Day one: How do you taste BODY in wine?

Welcome to Novel Wines’ very special wine tasting week. Each day our wine buyer Ben will introduce you to a new element of wine tasting, covering Body, Acidity, Tannin, Sweetness, Alcohol and Balance.

In today’s video, Ben talks about Body. A good cheat to learn different ‘weights’ of wine is to take something familiar, such as milk, and try it in skimmed, semi-skimmed and full fat forms. Feel how it coats your mouth and how the depth of the liquid effects the flavour.

Once you’ve got a good idea, try these wines:
Pinot Noir – Light bodied red, especially in cold climates
Tannat – Full bodied red, especially in warm climates
Bacchus/Sauvignon Blanc – Light bodied white wine
Oak aged white, such as Furmint – Full bodied white wine

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