Food and Wine Pairing: Chardonnay from Burgundy

What food pairs well with Chardonnay? French Winemaker from Burgundy, Emmanuel Guillot talks about planning for a pairing with a 1990 Domaine Dauvissat, Premiere Cru “La Forest” and one of the Chardonnays he produced in Burgundy in 1990. He planned for oysters with the Chablis and Foie Gras with his wine. Find out which wine worked best and why.

Emmanuel Broux of Domaine Guillot-Broux in the Macon region of Burgundy France sat with Ask a Winemaker in Chicago in the Spring of 2015.

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Foie Gras: City Foodsters via Creative Commons.
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For us, I mean the Chardonnay.. it depends where it comes from. If you have a Chablis, it’s better to have oyster but I’ve got for example on that a very the opposite experience on it. One one day we were doing a tasting and at my place and one of my friend brought a Chablis 1990 from Domaine Dauvissat, the first growth (Premiere Cru) La Forest. And she was bringing that and I said oh I perfect that I will buy some oysters to match the Chablis. And I said all right, she’s bringing that so I’m going to put some 90 of my own wine and to see where we are and to have fun. So I opened the two bottles and for for my when I thought then maybe an the 1990 will be really open and to be really on the fruit so i will put some foie gras and and some truffle and something very rich to match it and when we open it actually my wine was still in mineral side of it which would match and master the oyster and the Chablis was so rich, like apricot fruit and rich wine so actually did match the foie gras and so when you get a very old Chardonnay they change completely in the structure and what they can be and so if you have for example Chardonnay from California which will be very rich you you can have that with good friends by the by the swimming pool because it’s hot and it’s perfect.

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