The 9 Primary Styles of Wine | How DIFFERENT Can Wines Be!?

Wine Types
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As with every week, we’re continuing our exploration of the wonderful world of wine, and we refine, video after video, your understanding of the diversity that it offers. In a previous video we explained the colors of wine, there are mainly 3 as you know, but today we’re going to go a little deeper, and not only talk about color, but rather styles, wine styles, and have a word about the 9 Primary or Main Styles of Wine, so every time you have a glass in front of you, you can categorize it, and every time you have to pick a bottle to buy, you can better understand what you are ordering, and better know what to expect. Essentially, buy better wine…

00:00 – Intro
02:25 – Sparkling Wines
04:19 – Light-Bodied Whites
05:28 – Full-Bodied Whites
07:08 – Aromatic Whites
08:30 – Rosé Wines
09:40 – Light-Bodied Reds
11:34 – Full-Bodied Reds
13: 29 – Medium-Bodied Reds
15:23 – Fortified Wines
17:10 – Conclusion

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