Ruché: Winemaker Randall Grahm describes this Italian Grape

What is Ruché? Ruché, a powerful red wine grape from Piedmont in Italy, is described as a blend of Nebbiolo and Braccheto by winemaker Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyard.

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Ruché is a hyper cool grape variety it’s grown in Piedmont in northern Italy and it’s fairly obscure most Italians have never heard of Ruché. it’s a there’s very little acreage in the world maybe 100 200 acres max it’s a funny grape it’s a it’s got a lot of body it’s powerful Ruché usually fairly high in alcohol for 14 and a half percent and you can think of it almost as a hybrid of nebbiolo and Bracchetto. So it has kind of the tannic structure of an EVO low and the crazy rose petal fragrance of brachetto Ruché is people tasing dialect for roche or rock so it also has a wonderful mineral aspect which I I’m complete complete sucker (Off Screen) for how was it used in Piedmont, traditional. Ruché has grown as a mono so posh I’ve never seen it blended which is not to say it doesn’t exist and it’s a it’s as I said a heady red wine it’s not super dark in color it’s very specific it goes very well with risotto it’s wonderful risotto it’s a little bit odd because it’s so aromatic sometimes drinking a very aromatic wine whether it’s red or white can be a little bit much it’s almost like drinking perfume besides you don’t really want to drink too much perfume if you could avoid it so you know a little Ruché may go a long way but it’s probably not what you want to have on a steady diet but it’s such an exotic crazy grape the world is better for it

test pots bouquet and the wine makes is utterly delicious

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