Vinovest CEO Anthony Zhang On Why Investors Are Turning to Wine and Whiskey as an Inflation Hedge

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Zoom call featuring Divya Narendra with VinoVest CEO and founder Anthony Zhang discussing why more investors are taking refuge in wine and whiskey as asset classes as the market shudders and inflation rises. Check out VinoVest at

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00:00 Start
00:10 Introduction by Divya Narendra
02:09 Anthony Zhang on wine as an investment commodity, costs of production, and consumer buying trends
04:24 Effects of supply chain, time, and other variables on wine’s natural “buy low, sell high” value characteristics
05:27 Impact of time /aging on wine value appreciation
07:49 Supply chain issues and shortages: glass bottles up 30%
08:46 Liquidity of and accessibility to wine market as supported by VinoVest
11:06 Who’s buying, selling, and trading on VinoVest
12:10 Disadvantages of selling early
12:50 Effect of stock market volatility on wine investing: existing clients doubling down on holdings
13:35 How wine investing resembles bond investing
14:10 Recommended time horizon for wine aging
15:15 Experiments in using wine as margin
16:16 WhiskeyVest ( initiative opening
16:40 Entire casks of whiskey now available to investors
17:25 Cask aging
18:22 Whiskey supply and demand as it relates to region: Japan, Scotland, Kentucky
19:42 Privileges enjoyed by whiskey cask owners: bottling and more
20:20 VinoVest/WhiskeyVest UI and login overlap
21:07 Size of whiskey market in relation to wine market and annual growth rate
24:30 Opportunities in wine investing – hidden gems, “small cap” wines, VinoVest’s potential as a market maker
27:18 Final comments, effects of Euro/dollar parity on wine market for Americans

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