Oregon vs Burgundy: A Master of Wine Compares Pinot Noir

Master of Wine Bree Stock compares Pinot Noir from Oregon and Burgundy. In under two minutes, there are years of education to unpack as Bree describes different fruit flavors, textural profiles that result from different chemistry in the grapes, tannin levels from different exposure to sunlight and more. This is a must watch for students exploring wine from Oregon and Burgundyas part of a WSET course and other formal courses of study or wine lovers just wanting to learn more about Pinot Noir.

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Video Text:
Oregon versus Burgundy…I mean Oregon is is so much riper in style and also winemaking practices, so you’re tending to get darker fruit flavors fleshier tones on the palette, an elevated ph so broader across the palette, almost more syrupy silky soupy whatever you want to call that high ph feeling…Softer tannin profile, deeper color pigmentation because of the extended uv light and also you can get more severe tannins in Oregon as well because of that extended uv and the buildup of the skins in the tannins. Burgundy on the other hand tends to be… well it’s hard to it’s hard to pin this down anymore still but Burgundy still tends to have a little bit more mid palette, line and restraint and focus and a little more red fruit flavors, higher acidity more delicate structure. You’re often getting reduction on Burgundy because they have to continually spray sulfur throughout the season so you’re looking at some of the you know cultural and terroir characteristics when you’re looking at Burgundy versus Oregon as well or Willamette as well so a sort of more wound up metallic iron ferrous Pinot Noir source in Burgundy as opposed to the early drinking voluptuous nature of of the Willamette Valley.

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