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Justino’s. Not easy to make wines like this.

Madeira: Pearl of the Atlantic. Lodged Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses. A spot in the world favored by the good luck of mid-weather and natural richness.

Where the mountain sprang from the sea, an enchanted land was born. Part of this charm has been transported, from ancient times, to people as far apart as Russian Czars or the founding fathers of the United States, under the form of wine which, for many, is a true spell potion.

But it is not easy to grow vineyards in Madeira. The altitude compensates the sub-tropical climate which, along with the acid soils, gives the Madeira Wine a unique freshness when comparing with fortified wines from other parts of the world.
But the quest for the best plantation spots which originate the best wines made for the fact than Man has adapted the soil, difficult and uneven, and created a beautiful vinic landscape in the shape of ledges, irrigated by the purest Atlantic rainwaters brought by the levadas (= irrigation channels).

It is not easy to harvest in Madeira. There aren´t machines to reach those soils. The grapes are hand-picked. Grape by grape. With tenderness. With love.

It is not easy to harvest in Madeira. Therefore at Justino´s we choose the exact moment at which to cut the grapes, making sure that they are at the perfect stage to undergo a metamorphosis; they stop being simple grapes to become that spell potion.

It is not easy to select grapes in Madeira. At Justino´s we make a selection, evaluate the grapes´ sanitary state, check for their degree of alcohol and weigh them in. We select only the best, according to the type of wine we want to make.

It is not easy to ferment wine in Madeira. We are strict about the temperatures in order for the delicate musts fermentation process, resulting from the grapes pressing, to occur in a harmonious way, allowing nature to do its job.

In Madeira, the fortification is not an easy task. It is necessary to choose the right moment to stop fermentation in order to get the type of wine we want and the desired degree of sweetness: dry, medium dry, medium sweet and sweet.

It is not easy to make wines in Madeira. At Justino´s experience and knowledge are not enough. We are constantly investing in our premises and equipment with the objective of enhancing the quality of production, complementing the traditional methods with the most recent technology available to this sector.

It´s not easy to make wine in Madeira. One of the world´s most precious goods is necessary: time. But time doesn’t do everything by itself. It needs our help and the precious oak wood of our casks and tuns in order to do its job of oxidative ageing, developing in our wines certain unique characteristics of complex and intense aromas.

In Madeira, it´s not easy to export wines. But throughout our history, Justino´s has delivered wine in the most secluded countries, thus gradually conquering a relevant presence all over the world.

In Madeira, it´s not easy to make wine. It is necessary knowledge, experience and a whole lot of dedication. Justino’s, Madeira Wines, S.A. has been producing Madeira Wine since 1870, being one of the oldest producing and exporting companies with a recognized quality of their wines.

In the rest of the world, making fortified wines is not easy. But to be able to have, such as the Madeira Wine does, a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity which translates into its matchless freshness is not all that easy.

Justino’s. Not easy to make wines like this.

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