Wine Tasting For Beginners: 5 Wines Hacks You Need To Know

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Learn about wine and wine tasting tips with me! I partnered with ēlicit Wine Project for this fun video where I’m walking you through 5 simple hacks for sounding like a pro when wine tasting & help you figure out what kind of wine you like to drink best (so you can stop saying “I like red wine” and instead name a specific varietal and wine regions like a pro!) Pour a glass and come hang for 10 minutes as share my wine tasting guide for beginners. #elicitwine #ad #wine #winetasting

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When I first moved to California, I knew nothing about wine until I starting going on wine tasting experiences in Napa and Sonoma where I learned how to taste wine and wine basics from sommeliers. In this video I’m comparing a sauvignon blanc and chardonnay from ēlicit Wine Project. I share the exact wine tasting exercise I learned from them to help me figure out what kind of wine I like to drink best so you can do this at home with yourself.

I’m also sharing how to read a wine label, some flavors to note when tasting, how to evaluate wine at home and other helpful wine 101 tips so you can walk away as a pro!


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