Burgundy Wine Basics – Different Regions of Burgundy and Tasting Strategy for Beginners

Wine Types
Burgundy is the eastern part of France. There are 5 regions in Burgundy:

Chablis: known for unoaked Chardonnay
Côte de Nuits: known for high end red wine
Côte de Beaune: known for high end white wine
Côte Chalonnaise: known for value red wine
Mâconnais: known for value white wine

Just to be clear, this is my personal belief of how you should approach Bordeaux and Burgundy as a beginner drinker (assuming money is not a constraint) and assuming you share my belief that there are different drinking strategies for different regions

Bordeaux: My belief is that is you will find the essence of Bordeaux by understanding and drinking Growth wines. I believe if you are starting by drinking the value regions in Bordeaux, although you will find some great wines and lots of value, you will not really understand why people enjoy Bordeaux so much as many Bordeaux value wines have use different grape varieties or proportions compare the Trophy Wines in this region and are built for early consumption rather than long term pleasure that most Bordeaux Trophy wines provided

Burgundy: My belief is that you should start drinking top end red from Cote Chalonnaise and top end white from Cote Chalonnaise rather than drinking entry level wines from Cote de Nuits or Cote du Beaune. Different strategy that Bordeaux because 1/ primarily all white wines are made from Chardonnay and all reds are made with Pinot Noir so there is not different in grape varietal or proportions between the various regions in Burgundy; 2/ Top end or even middle tier Burgundy is exceedingly expensive so you can’t really experiment as much (vs Bordeaux where you can even get some 2nd growth wines at pretty reasonable prices)

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