MASTER OF WINE Tries WORST Wines from VIVINO Under $20

To get this out of the way – I am not being paid by Vivino for this Video and I have not used Vivino much in the past. It seems like many wine drinkers do use it today.
According to their website more than 52 million users and more than 74 million reviews, which is a lot. I realized that when I looked up the wines for this tasting
Vivino does not give you the option to sort by worst-rated wines and you do not have the option to search for wines rated 2 or 1 stars. As a matter of fact: I did not find any wines rated below 2 Stars and I did find very few wines rated under 3 Stars. I looked for wines that are widely available internationally so you should be able to get most of them in your market if you want to… I want to find out how useful these scores are and will rate the wines myself according to the 100 point scale. I am going to taste the wines the same way a Vivino user would taste them – not blind.

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