Tasting like a MASTER of WINE – How to pass the MW TASTING

I have prepared something pretty cool for you today. I am going to take you behind the scenes of the most difficult exam, and I will show you how I passed the Master of Wine Tasting while also doing a blind tasting of wines from the exam. The Master of Wine is one of the highest regarded qualification in the wine world.
The exams were first held in 1953 and today there are just 416 Masters of Wine, living in 31 different countries. I used to say that more people went to space than passed the Masters of Wine and that is still true but nowadays every other billionaire seems to go to space so this comparison is less significant. There are so few Masters of Wine in the world because the exam is very difficult. They used to say that less than 10 % of all people who start the programme end up becoming Masters of Wine. One big reason for this is the notoriously difficult tasting test.
It is the most extensive test in the world of your tasting abilities as you have to be able to identify 36 different wines. There is no list of wines you have to know – everything is possible: There was Château Lafite-Rothschild 1989 in a tasting (2000) but I also had a Lambrusco in the lineup when I passed the exam. You might get an Assyrtiko from Santorini or a Viognier from South Australia.

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