Pairing Bright Cellars Wine With My Chia And Sriracha Crusted Salmon With Roasted Bell Pepper Coulis

I really enjoy pairing wines with my dishes and when Bright Cellars (a monthly wine club that matches you with wines you will love) sent me a box of wines based on a 7 question quiz I couldn’t wait to get started wine pairing. In this video I prepare my Chia and Sriracha Crusted Salmon with a Roasted Bell Pepper Coulis with a wine called Colorfast, a full bodied white from California and it tasted delicious! Yes the food AND the wine!

The salmon cooks in just 10 minutes and with a topping of spicy flavorful sriracha and super healthy Chia seeds on a bed of pilau rice with a cordon of gorgeous roasted bell pepper coulis it not only looks amazing, it tastes it too!

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The recipe…

Chia and Sriracha Crusted Salmon with Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce

Makes 4 portions

4 eight ounce salmon fillets

¼ cup sriracha mayonnaise (2 Tbs sriracha with 2Tbs mayonnaise)

½ cup chia seeds

1 Tbs olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

2 red bell peppers, halved and seeds removed

1 Tbs olive oil

4 cloves garlic

1 sprig rosemary, picked

1 cup chicken broth

salt and pepper to taste

2 Tbs chopped fresh parsley

Prepare the sauce. Drizzle the olive oil onto the bell peppers , rosemary and garlic on a small baking sheet. Roast at 400 degrees until the peppers soften but don’t color. Blend the peppers, rosemary and garlic with the chicken broth and season with salt and pepper.

Season the salmon with salt and pepper. Place on a baking sheet, rub with olive oil and divide the sriracha over the tops of the salmon fillets. Sprinkle the chia seeds over the sriracha and bake at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes.

Warm the sauce and serve the salmon on top. Sprinkle with the parsley before serving.

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