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Don’t be intimated by wine tasting. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, anyone can learn how to taste wine like an expert. In this episode of Wine 101, Certified Sommelier and our lovely host, Vince Anter, explains wine-tasting technique in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Sight
In this step, Vince explains how to evaluate wine using our first sense – sight. Is the wine clear or cloudy? Transparent or opaque? What is the color? Are there legs? The depth of color gives clues to the grape variety.

Step 2: Nose
Second, Vince explains how to evaluate wine using our second sense – smell. First we swirl, then we sniff. What are the fruit characters that you pick up? Citrus or red fruit? What are the non-fruit characters you pick up? Herbs or earthiness? The aromas offer clues to the grape variety used and the winemaking technique and storage process. Identifying a wine’s aroma prepares your brain for what you’re about to taste.

Step 3: Palate
Next, Vince explains how to evaluate wine using our third sense – taste. Sip the wine. Do you taste the same aromas that you smelled? What is the structure of the wine? Is it acidic and makes your mouth water? Is it a high alcohol wine that leaves a warming sensation? Is the wine bitter and dry or is light and sweet? The structure reveals the elements of acidity, alcohol, body, tannins, and sweetness of the wine.

Step 4: Analysis
In the last step, Vince explains how to evaluate wine by using our last sense – savor. Is the relationship between the acidity, alcohol, body, tannins, and sweetness of the wine balanced? How long is the finish? Usually, high-quality wine is indicated by how long the flavors last in your mouth. Is the wine complex? Are the flavors simple or are there several layers? The harmony of the wine’s aromas, structure, and balance determines the quality of the wine.

By following these 4 simple steps to wine tasting, you will learn how to make sense of wine, by focusing your attention and engaging your senses.

It will enhance your pleasure of drinking wine, and you will discover a palette that suits you – so that you can confidently buy wine that’s fit for you.

00:00 – Intro
01:35 – Step 1: Sight
03:43 – Step 2: Nose
08:03 – Step 3: Palate
10:19 – Step 4: Analysis
11:15 – Conclusion

After watching our channel you’ll understand the wine you’re drinking, buy it with confidence, get better deals, and share your experience and passion for wine with others! Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, V is for Vino makes wine theory easy to understand and accessible to all.

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