How to taste wine in 3 days – Sicily Adventure Pt. 1 – Travel to Etna with Stevie Kim!

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Join Stevie Kim on this special series, “How to taste wine in 3 days: Sicily Gita Scolastica Day 1 of 3” She has traveled to yet more wine destinations, today she and the group were in the Etna area and visited I Vigneri Winery, Barone di Villagrande Winery & Resort and I Custodi delle Vigne dell’Etna.

I Vigneri Winery
Our cellar is in old Palmento. The Palmento sull’Etna has been used for winemaking from time immemorial up to 30 years ago. “Il Palmento is for Etna wines like the amphora for Georgian wines”. A true Etna wine must be produced first of all in the millstone. Il Palmento does not need electricity or other external energy to function, only the natural force of gravity, human strength and our ingenuity. In the cellar to produce our wines we absolutely DO NOT use plastic containers or plastic resins or plastic fibers. Some of our containers are in Etna lava stone, others in wood and others in steel, the best type is neutral: INOX 316.

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Barone di Villagrande Winery & Resort
Cultivating vineyards on Etna since 1727. Day after day the vineyards stretch their roots in the earth. The wines mature over time and people also refine in the area. This family has refined over 10 generations on Etna.

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I Custodi delle Vigne dell’Etna
Guarding means preserving the territory, maintaining traditions and respecting the person. From these values ​​and from the love for a wonderful land like Etnea, where the vine was brought by man more than two millennia ago, the wines of I Custodi are born, fruit of the generosity of the warm volcanic soil and its minerality, of the cold of Muntagna and the sun of Sicily.

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I Custodi delle vigne dell’etna

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