Pro & Kon: John Szabo MS, Volcanic Wines – Salt Grit & Power

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John Szabo’s groundbreaking new book, Volcanic Wines – Salt, Grit & Power, provides wine scholars and aficionados a seismic shift in how to look at terroir in future. By putting sharp focus on several of the planet’s unique wine growing zones developed around active and inactive volcanoes, Szabo clearly demonstrates a relationship between volcanic terroirs and specific flavour profiles, textures and aromatics that appear in wines made from grapes grown on these sites.
An additional joy for me, not articulated in the video, was that two days after our “conversation,” it was announced that John’s book was shortlisted for the Andre Simon Award, which celebrates the very best writing in the English language on the topic of food and drink. Konradulations!
p.s. if you enjoyed this video, watch an earlier interview with John about his first book, Pairing Food & Wine for Dummies. The link is here:

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