How to taste wine in 5 days – Sardinia Adventure Pt. 5 – Travel On The Road with Stevie Kim!

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Join Stevie Kim on this special series, “How to taste wine in 5 days: Sardinia Gita Scolastica Day 5 of 5” She has traveled to yet more wine destinations, today she and the group went to the Wine Museum Berchidda, thereafter, the group went to Atlantis Winery. Whilst on their “Gita Scolastica” or “Field Trip” each Vinitaly International Academy attendee had some unique insights on the terroirs, grapes, landscapes, food and wines they encountered. Listen in as Jacopo Fanciulli gives us his take on these great wine destinations!

About Berchidda Wine Museum:
The Wine Museum, with its enological-ethnographic itinerary, illustrates the cultural aspect of wine production in Sardinia. A simple but significant journey into the world of traditions, told by rudimentary work tools, where the supply chain is reconstructed starting from the working of the land, the care of the vineyard, the pressing of the grapes, the processing of cork and bottling.
Through a glimpse of the Thyrsos exhibition, we immerse ourselves in an ancient world, made of voyages in the Mediterranean, through which, on cargo ships, the wine reached the ports in fascinating wine amphorae.
Along the way, a stage supported by the technology of a totem, allows us to deepen the main topics on the island’s viticulture, through the vision of the Cd Rom “Su Inu” (The Wine).
A selection of old labels is combined with the objects on display. The graphics of the labels, the type of bottle, the same writings take us into a wine-growing time context that is very different from that of today, even if not very far away, showing us a sometimes radical change in the concept of image, information and technology.

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About Atlantis Winery:
Atlantis Berchidda is part of the “Società Agricola Sannitu” agricultural enterprise.” We are a family-run business in Berchidda and own vineyards covering some 15 hectares – primarily for Vermentino di Gallura grapes. We are located close to the Emerald Coast and within the “Vermentino di Gallura” triangle, which is formed by the towns surrounding Mount Limbara – Berchidda, Monti and Tempio Pausania. The land here is perfectly suited to wine-growing, with sandy soils thanks to a high granite content.”

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The wine region of Sardinia includes the vineyard area across the entire island. Sardinia is located off of the west coast of Italy and is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. Upon arrival, admire dream beaches, picturesque bays, and mountainous forest land throughout the island. Explore mighty grottos by the sea, ideal island vineyards, and former bandit villages all within a single day. Sardinia has over 7,000 nuraghi, or imposing tower-like structures, from the ancient Nuragic Civilization. The Nuragic people lived on the island during the Bronze Age and add an incredible historical presence to any visitor’s exploration of the island.

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This channel aims to inform, educate and entertain wine fans through engaging tastings, conversations with producers, experts, and personalities. Wine Geeks Unite! explore our world and all we have to offer!

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