How to taste wine in 5 days – Sardinia Gita Scolastica Pt. 4 – Travel On The Road with Stevie Kim!

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Join Stevie Kim on this special series, “How to taste wine in 5 days: Sardinia Gita Scolastica Day 4 of 5” She has traveled to more wine destinations, and today she and the group went to the Perdarubia winery and the Mastìo Hofmann winery. Whilst on their “Gita Scolastica” or “Field Trip” each Vinitaly International Academy attendee had some unique insights on the terroirs, grapes, landscape, food and wines they encountered. Listen in as Noell Dorsey gives us her take on these great wineries!

About Perdarubia Winery:
Perdarubia was started in 1949 from the mind of the comm. Mario Mereu who, among the first in Sardinia, sensed the potential of the traditional Cannonau grape variety, cultivated in the Ogliastra area since ancient times. The Perda Rubia wine, produced in the historic Cardedu winery, both with its own grapes and with grapes made by local farmers, was quickly appreciated even outside the confines of the island, conquering the international limelight.
Renato Mereu, son of Mario, carries on the family business, planting new vineyards in 1971 with the application of a series of technical cultivation innovations that would from then on constitute the company trademark. The Perda Rubia, in fact, the only one of its kind, is now produced “in purity” from a single-vine Cannonau on “franco franco”, therefore not grafted onto an American vine.
In 2014 the winery passed to the third generation of the Mereu family, which began with the important task of renewal and revitalization by introducing the new Naniha label, with the aim of presenting Cannonau “in purity” on the new international markets, whilst still respecting traditional processing methods, handed down during its seventy-year activity.

Learn more about the Perda Rubia Winery:
Faebook: @tenuteperdarubia

About the Mastìo Hofmann Winery:
A winery committed to producing estate grown wines of the highest caliber and distinction.

A small jewel in the heart of the village of Galtellì, in the Baronie, Sardinia. A union between design, hospitality and functionality for a growing wine business.
This is the Mastìo Hofmann winery, a young company that aims to enhance the territory, with a more modern look.
The challenge of Michele Mastìo and his wife Paola Hofmann began seven years ago, in an area where wine is certainly not the main production, so much so that the company is currently the only wine-producing reality of the Baronie.
In reality the vineyards were planted in 1974 by Michele ‘s father who, needless to say, looked to red, to Cannonau . Later other varieties were added, such as Montepulciano and Vermentino.

To Learn more about Mastìo Hofmann visit:

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More about Sardinia:
Sardinia is located off of the west coast of Italy and is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. Upon arrival, admire dream beaches, picturesque bays, and mountainous forest land throughout the island. Explore mighty grottos by the sea, ideal island vineyards, and former bandit villages all within a single day. Sardinia has over 7,000 nuraghi, or imposing tower-like structures, from the ancient Nuragic Civilization. The Nuragic people lived on the island during the Bronze Age and add an incredible historical presence to any visitor’s exploration of the island. About Italian Wine Podcast: Italian Wine Podcast aims to inform, educate and entertain Italian wine fans through engaging tastings, conversations with producers, experts, and personalities. Explore our world and all we have to offer, every day of the week! Italian Wine Lovers Unite!

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