Are NATURAL WINES GOOD or BAD? Master of Wine tastes Natural Wines

Are NATURAL WINES GOOD or BAD? MASTER of WINE tastes Natural Wines.

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I have used this glass in this Video: RIEDEL Veritas Champagne
I have tasted the following wines in this Video:
2019 Envinate Taganan Blanco – 20.50 $
2020 Matassa Cuvee Alexandria – 30 $
2019 Heinrich Graue Freyheit – 35 $
2020 Tschida Himmel auf Erden Rosé – 30 $
2020 Claus Preisinger Puszta Libre – 13 $
2020 Gut Oggau Atanasius – 30 $
2016 Domaine de Chassorney Saint Romaine Rouge Sous Rouche – 60$
2019 Frank Cornelissen Susucaru Rosso – 25 $

Everything that is required to produce fermented grape juice was present in nature before humans walked the earth. But if it was up to nature alone wine would not exist. Before us, there were only rotten grapes. Therefore, wine is not a natural but a cultural product as it requires human intervention to make wine. So right from the start, the name “natural” wine is a bit misleading and I think the more accurate description would be low intervention wine.
While I admire the idea behind natural wine, enjoy many of these wines, and do think that they are making the wine scene more exciting I also see some problems with these wines… But let’s start with the definition – what is natural wine? RAW Wines the self-described world’s largest community of low-intervention organic, biodynamic and natural winemakers defines it as follows:
Wine that is farmed organically and made without adding or removing anything in the cellar.
This is a pretty clear-cut definition and I think that this message did contribute significantly to the success of natural wines. But if you read the fine print it gets complicated… RAW Wine says that Farming organically is a must but several natural wine producers are not certified organic which makes it difficult to say who is walking the walk.

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