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Join Stevie Kim on this special series, “How to taste wine in 5 days: Sardinia Gita Scolastica Day 3 of 5” She has traveled to yet another wine destination, today she and the group went to Su’entu Winery as well as Winery Antonella Corda, thereafter they visited Winery Argiolas. Whilst on their “Gita Scolastica” or “Field Trip” each Vinitaly International Academy attendee had some unique insights on the terroirs, grapes, landscape, food and wines they encountered. Listen in as Su Tolson gives us his take on this great winery

About Su’entu:
Today the winery is run by Valeria, Roberta and Nicola Pilloni, supported by a young team of vine growers and cellarmen set up and supervised by our experienced agronomist and enologist. We set out on this journey all together and saw our competences improve and our passion increase day by day.
Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of everyone in the team, Su’entu today exports its wines all over the world.

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About Antonella Corda:
The story of this winery is deeply connected to that of its founder, Antonella Corda. Grew up among the vineyards in a family of winegrowers since generations. Her mother gave her a love for the land and her father instilled in her a passion for the job. Antonella became an agronomist specialized in wine-making management and inherited the family tradition in 2010. She took the winery’s reins in hand, transforming it into an ambitious and innovative project that did honor to its past: the creation of a boutique winery capable of producing fine Sardinian wines worthy of representing Sardinia around the world.

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About Argiolas:
We were born and work in a precious territory. It is in the middle of the Mediterranean, which softens the climate, amidst sun and wind, with landscapes and soils that are perfect for vines and grapevines. Preserving and keeping all this intact is a responsibility, a daily commitment that guides us in every decision.
The Serdiana estates, in the Sibiola countryside, are the closest to the winery. They are home to some of the best known traditional Sardinian vines and cover about 45 hectares, divided into two parts: Iselis of about 35 hectares and Su Pranu of about 10 hectares. In these vineyards we produce both white and red grapes and test our new cultivation techniques, before using them in the other estates.

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Family and territory

The wine region of Sardinia includes the vineyard area across the entire island. Sardinia is located off of the west coast of Italy and is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. Upon arrival, admire dream beaches, picturesque bays, and mountainous forest land throughout the island. Explore mighty grottos by the sea, ideal island vineyards, and former bandit villages all within a single day. Sardinia has over 7,000 nuraghi, or imposing tower-like structures, from the ancient Nuragic Civilization. The Nuragic people lived on the island during the Bronze Age and add an incredible historical presence to any visitor’s exploration of the island.

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