How to get RICH with WINE – Wine Investment

Wine Investment is not the path to get rich quick but it can a good idea.

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The term wine investment describes the acquisition of wine for financial gain. You don’t buy to drink and enjoy, you buy to sell at a profit. It has been common practice for wine collectors to buy two cases of a wine they liked and then sell one a few years later in order to finance their next purchase. Over the last decades more and more real investors have entered the market, who are just buying the wine for making money but investing in wine has a long history. One of the regions most associated with this practice is Bordeaux, where for centuries wine was sold and purchased EN PRIMEUR months or even years before it was bottled in the hope that the wine would appreciate in value. The buyer then was able to increase his margin and the seller, ie the Chateaux would have enough money to pay for the maturation and bottling of their wines. Wine investment from collectors became more and more common in the 1960 and 1970s and the Auction Houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s established their wine departments in 1966 and 1970. The ascent of Robert Parker and his 100 Point System in the 1980s encouraged investment in wine as he provided an independent and easy-to-understand way of assessing quality. During the early 2000s, wine investment boomed, particularly driven by the rapidly growing Chinese market and the establishment of Hong Kong as a tax-free trading hub for fine wine.

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