Living in Ecuador QA-11

Ten more questions and answers from you, the viewers and followers of this channel. The ten questions answered in the video are as follows:

1. I have 4 cats that I will be bringing with me. I know Ecuador has many dogs but what about cats. Do you think it will be easy to find a rental and veterinarians that are familiar with cats?
2. When you go to the Ecuador Manta Mall with the 12 theatre movies, what’s the point of watching a movie if its all in Spanish language? How do you go to the movies and get around the Spanish so you can hear it in English?
3. The USA West coast has the Alaskan current which keeps California cooler and Seattle form freezing. Manta probably gets a breeze from the Pacific also, but in the Southern Hemisphere the breeze from the Eastern Atlantic onto Brazil etc. Does Manta stay cooler because of a westerly breeze like California?
4. Can you address the topic of having dogs in Ecuador. How difficult is it to find nice rentals that will accept dogs. I have a collie and a scottie. Is it necessary to rent a home outside town. Thanks so so much for doing this! I feel like you are my friend from watching your great videos. Be well! Susy, Luna and Rebel.
5. Don, just curious if they have microbreweries in Ecuador? About wines 🍷 I hope they have Argentinian wines? I sure like their Malbec.
6. Are the buildings in manta build to withstand earthquakes?
7. My question is for the drug addicts, WHY are you so interested in finding a place to do Drugs? How about you stay where you are and not ruin Ecuador.
8. How about the prices of cigarettes? You did hookers and booze! Make it a trifecta! Love your videos!
9. How about cell phones? I’ve read so many suggestions from people, that I’m just at a loss as to what would be the best way to go. I’ve always had an Android and have been very happy with it, and have never felt the need to invest hundreds of dollars in an iPhone. But I wonder if maybe an iPhone would be better in Ecuador instead of an Android. And also, should I just get a SIM card when I arrive, or buy a phone there? Thanks!
10. Is Ecuador a coffee growing country? If yes, how does the quality compare to other coffees from around the globe?

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