MASTER of WINE Tastes Alcohol FREE Wines for Dry January

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I have used this glass in this Video: RIEDEL Veritas Champagne
We have tasted the following wines in this Video:

SCAVI & RAY Secco Alcohol-Free – 6,50 Euro
Leitz EINS ZWEI ZERO Sparkling Riesling Alcohol-Free – 12 EURO
Kolonne Null Cuvée Blanc Prickelnd NO 01 Alcohol-Free – 13,50 Euro
Thomson & Scott Noughty Organic Sparkling Chardonnay Alcohol-Free – 15 Euro
2020 Kolonne Null Riesling Edition Anette Closeheim Alcohol-Free – 10.50 Euro
2020 Miguel Torres Natureo Muscat 0,0% Alcohol-Free – 9 EURO
Leitz Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol-Free – 9 EURO
2020 Miguel Torres Natureo Tinto 0,0% Alcohol-Free – 10 Euro

We have had a strong connection to alcoholic beverages for a long time as humans have been making wine for at least seven thousand years.
There are reasons why we like to drink wine and not grape juice at the end of a long day at work or on a celebration with friends: Wine offers far more flavors that were created during fermentation, it is not necessarily sweet and therefore matches better with many dishes and it contains alcohol. Alcohol only accounts for up to 15% of a bottle of wine but it plays an important role: stores and transports flavors, adds viscosity and it also relaxes you and it can reduce your risk of heart disease when consumed in moderation. But alcohol can also damage your health and become a huge problem in your life which is why worldwide alcohol consumption is declining and especially in Europe and the US more and more people are choosing not to drink. The alcohol-free wine category is growing and I want to know whether these “wines” are alternatives to the wine we like to drink. As a matter of fact, wine has to contain at least 8.5 % abv in EUROPE alcohol to CLASSIFY as wine – with some exceptions. The products that we are talking about are therefore not really wine but are classified as dealcoholized wine or alcohol-free wine. If alcohol-free wine is made from grapes and does not contain alcohol what is the difference from grape juice? The big difference between grape juice and alcohol-free wine is: Alcohol-free wines are made by removing most of the alcohol from fermented wine. In the European Union, they can only have up to 0.5 abv which is roughly equivalent to the allowed levels in fruit juice. In order to make an alcohol-free wine, you have to take a finished wine and remove the alcohol. The product, therefore, does not taste grapey like grape juice but is supposed to taste more like wine.

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