Make wine from fallen apples! (Easy Apple Wine recipe)

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Hi, I’m Jesper and in this video I’m going to take you through how simple it is to make your own and almost free, strong apple wine.

Here are links to the stuff you’ll need:
Fermentation bucket:
Cider yeast:
Fruit crusher:
Fruit press:

First, you’ll need some apples. I use both fallen apples like the ones I’m picking up in the video, and I also use freshly picked apples. These are summer apples, but all sorts of apples will do just fine.

Then you’ll need to crush them. I use a manual frugt crusher, but you can chop them with a knife, or buy a big electric crusher if you have a lot of apples to crush.

Then I press the crushed apples. That will separate the apple juice from the pulp. It’s a good idea to have a fruit press to get the most juice out of the apple. What is running out of the press is just pure, fresh and unfiltered apple juice. You could actually just stop here and drink the juice.

We are going to make 20 litres of apple juice in this video today, so we need a lot of apples.

When you have a bucket full of apple juice, you’ll just need to add 2 ingredients: Sugar and yeast.

We add 1 kilo of sugar to 5 litres of juice. We’ll use both white sugar and brown sugar – the brown adds a bit of flavour to the mix. We dissolve the sugar in medium hot water before adding it to the juice.

Then we add 10 grams of yeast. All types of yeast can be used, but for the best results I recommend a cider yeast like this one. We dissolve the yeast into some water and add it to the mix.

Now we add a fermentation lock and leave it at room temperature.

After 1 or 2 days the fermentation will start, and you’ll hear the bubbling sound of this for 2-4 weeks.

I left it in the bucket for about 2 months, and then I used a siphon to transfer the juice to another bucket to separate the juice from the sediment. The juice will now contain 8-12% alcohol. Then I started a 2nd fermentation by adding sugar and yeast again, and left it for another month. Another fermentation will bring it to 15-18% alcohol. I now taste like a sweet and strong apple cider. It tastes wonderful.

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