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It’s our official first episode of Sis, Let’s Wine. In this series, we’re wine’ing about all things womanhood! So, Sis, Let’s Wine about Femininity and Feminism. We started with a simple question: Are you a feminist? This question, which we’ve never asked each other before, developed and evolved into a rich discussion about gender roles and positions, equal rights and accountability, modern day femininity, the range and differences of femininity, masculinity’s impact on femininity, wardrobe policing, and more!

Are you a feminist? What’s your type of femininity?

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Feminist Theory: A Summary for A-Level Sociology,Marxist%2C%20Liberal%2C%20and%20Difference.

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Episode Timeline
0:00 Hello Beautiful People and Fellow Winers
1:50 This Week’s Wines: Stella Rosa Red and Black
9:26 Sis, Let’s Wine
14:30 Random Wine Fact: Stella Rosa Wines brand
15:54 Different Types of Feminism
21:53 Gender Roles and Positions
24:45 Femininity and When to be Feminine
26:17 Masculinity vs. Femininity / Masculine vs. Feminine traits
35:30 Different types of femininity
39:34 Masculinity’s impact on femininity
45:58 Women should be able to wear what they want
53:48 Last Sips on Femininity, Feminism, and Feminists
58:18 Wine Reviews
1:06:10 Thank you for wining with us!

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