Q & A – How does a Master of Wine make MONEY?

Wine Types
In this Q&A I am answering the question of how a Master of Wine makes money…

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My last year on YouTube was pretty exciting … I have tasted some pretty awesome wines, failed, and succeeded in several blind tastings and I have experimented with some new topics and formats.
Some of my videos got quite a few views and they introduced the channel to a new audience. It grew more than tenfold over the past 365 days and I am very thankful for your support.
It was my goal to get to 10k subscribers at the end of 2021 and at the beginning of last year this seemed like an impossible target but by a combination of your help and luck, we made it to 10k by the middle of the year. Many of you are recommending the channel and are sharing my videos which is cool. I am going to make sure that you get even more exciting videos for this year. It is going to be a busy year for me personally and professionally, but I have said NO to some opportunities to make sure that I can focus more on the channel and keep you entertained – so hold on to your hats or your glasses … ! As the channel has grown, I now get hundreds of comments on a video which makes it difficult to keep up with your questions. In this video, I want to answer some of your most pressing questions in detail. There were some topics that I grouped together and just picked one question representative of the category but I also put in some random, but interesting questions: The questions are from my YouTube Community feed that you see if you subscribe to my channel and from my Instagram account and I picked some questions from each account.

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