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Video from Sicily. We are in Acate, Cerasuolo Wine Production Area.

Valle dell’Acate is a historical winery located in the core of #Cerasuolo Wine Production area.

It is a 70 Hectares Estate and the Jacono Family always cares a lot about this terroir and their attachment to this land. The are very much into BIO and in fact the vineyards and the cellar are certified BIO.
The area of Cerasuolo di Vittoria is in #Ragusa province in the South of #Sicily and here the traditional grape is Frappato. long ago Cerasuolo di Vittoria was made only with Frappato grape, but then the regulation allowed to add some Nero d’Avola to give to this wine more aging potentiality and more structure.

The #DOCG Cerasulo di Vittoria, which is the only one in Sicily, was established in 2005.

The particularity of Valle dell’Acate Estate is that in their 70 Hectares there are 7 totally different type of soil which make 7 different wines with unique characters and tastes.

In this video also you can see the old cellar called “Palmento”, one of the few, rare, original one you can still find in Sicily.

Also the aging cellar still lke was traditionally not undergroung but at the groundfloor.

Your an still see the Chestnut casks which are traditional in this production area.

Gaetana Jacono, the owner started a project called “7 Soils for 7 Wines which can truly show you how the wines produced there are unique and very distinctive following the characteristic of the different soils.

Hope this video can be useful, interesting and worth it to be watched.

See you next and…SALUTE SEMPRE SALUTE #salutesempresalute

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