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Hey guys,ready for this Christmas…so today I’m going to share with easy making of #grapewine which is so good in taste and I got perfect color without adding any food color or preservatives and it is totally without yeast…I used a substitute watch this video till end and hope you like this video ,so pls do subscribe ,like ,comment and share with your family and friends..Merry Christmas….
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Ingredients for Grape wine:
Water-1litr (boil it)
Red grapes-1kg (with seeds and without stems)
Sugar-3cups (into 2 batches i.e. 1+1/2cups gradually)
Cinnamon -2 pieces
Whole wheat

1. Use a clean dry glass or ceramic jar for wine.
2.Every utensils should be clean and dry .
3.Don’t touch it with your hands while this process till end
4.Don’t pour hot water directly ,allow to cool the water completely then only use it.
5.Always use wooden spatula ,don’t use metal
6.Always stir wine in circular motion .
7.Store it in dark place .
8.You can also store it in refrigerate in an airtight bottle.
9.This is a homemade wine so it will last for month – year

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