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We are going to show you how to make delicious German Glühwein. Charlie puts together a super easy Glühwein recipe in his tiny Christmas shed while Mikko shows off his expertise regarding Finnish wine prices. Don’t miss out and do get tipsy!

Charlie’s written recipe. This is not super precise, because you can vary the ingredients according to your own liking. There is no right and there is simply no wrong – except regarding your wine choices!

First fry the spicy ingredients in your pot without the addition of any liquid. Don’t burn them, just roast them a bit:

– 1 cinnamon roll (break it into several pieces!)
– 4 cloves
– 4 cardamom (squeezed and squished before)
– 4 slices of ginger (add to your own liking)
– Brown sugar (to your own liking)
– 250ml of apple juice (or more – don’t put too much at first, though)
– Half an orange (squeeze the peel and throw it in as well)
– Lemon peels
– Nutmeg (I added half a nutmeg – but add as much as you can take)
– Half a bottle of good red wine (don’t be cheap & don’t take the expensive one!)
– Do NOT make it boil!
– Have a try or two
– Good? Perfect!
– Ney? Add more spices OR spiced RUM.
– Try again and repeat.

There you go – Merry Christmas and may your taste buds sing Jingle Bells!

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As always, you won‘t learn how to make things beautiful and perfect. Ney! Instead you will experience some honest DIY cooking and failures with our chefs de cuisine.

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Mikko & Charlie are do-it-yourself jacks of all trades. None of their statements are researched, and should be only considered parody in nature. They have no training in anything they say or do.

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