20 AWESOME THINGS TO DO ON A CRUISE SEA DAY *real tips for every type of cruiser*

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Going on a cruise and wondering what to do on a sea day? There are so many amazing things to do on a cruise ship, that there’s no chance you’ll be bored! In this video we go over 20 cruise ship activities, from very active cruise activities, to things that are more relaxing.

This video is great for couples, families and cruisers of any age. However, cruise passengers over 40 & 50 will enjoy the list quieter things to do on a cruise ship as well.


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Hi! I’m Ilana! I live in Montreal, Canada with my husband Frank. We can often be found dreaming about and planning future cruises, ideally to hot and sunny destinations! I believe in having fun, being kind and that you are never too old, or too young, to live the life of your dreams!

Please note that I do not sell cruises on Life Well Cruised. This and all other videos are for entertainment purposes only. I share my own opinions, personal experiences and information with other cruise travelers, which I hope can be helpful. Please contact your travel agent or the cruise line directly for advice and any information specific to your booking.

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